Bad credit loans -Online finance companies for bad credit: get your money now

While most citizens are still recovering from the crisis, you are embarking on a fresh start without the debts and backlogs that have hit you so far and slow you down. Online loans can be the solution to your financial crisis.

Online finance companies for bad credit: get your money now

In case you are experiencing monetary problems that require immediate money, our loan service can help you. We at https://greendayonline.com/ with our bad credit loans online offer exactly what you need, fast and secure money in your account in one day. The conditions for obtaining a loan are very simple, so we believe that our service will be helpful.

We aim to give every client an equal opportunity and the conditions that will allow him or her a normal life without stress and debt.

We do not refuse clients, but our quick online loans give them the opportunity to cover the contingencies that have hit them. Fast loans online are an ideal solution and a way to secure money in a day. Raising a bank loan can take days, and the conditions and documentation required to pay off are more than unnecessary.

Fast loans online without a bank

Wondering when it is the best time to request a quick loan online. It depends on you and your needs. There is no time with us because we do business online and you can contact us as soon as you feel the need. If you find yourself face to face with a money problem, contact us and our agents will take care of you. Don’t wait for it to be late and your costs will go up sharply. React in time and close the bad financial situation as soon as possible. You can request our loans as easily as the same day loans.

If you have a bad credit history or are not eligible for permanent care, these are not the conditions for paying off a loan online. Our terms are significantly different from those of the bank. We do not reject our clients so easily. Our range of services includes a wide variety of financial products such as microloans, installment loans, SMS loans and other types of loans available to you.

Fast loans online in a few steps

If you are interested in fast loans online, it takes only a few minutes to complete and with the basic documentation via your tablet, computer or smartphone, ask for a certain loan amount. The maximum payment is 10000 USD. You can see all your expenses transparently even before requesting our service.

Why fast loans online with us

First of all, we do not work to deceive you. We appreciate you contacting us for help, and we appreciate your every USD. Knowing how difficult life can be, we strive to help you as soon as possible with simple online services that do not require conditions that will take your time and money.

We are a company with years of experience in financing across Europe. We are among the leading providers of financial mobile services in the EU and worldwide. We have over 2,000,000 satisfied customers, who offer discreet and easy online loans online or mobile.

Consumer Credit or Credit Card – What’s Better for the Borrower?

Huge discounts on seasonal sales planned repairs or any further travel that urgently needs extra money. What to use – credit card or consumer credit?

Each of us has been in a situation where we suddenly need extra resources, such as having to go to the dentist or another doctor urgently. Money may be needed for some major purchase or, quite simply, for security when traveling for a longer period. Of course, the best solution, in this case, would be to transfer the money from the reserve account, but if it is not, then it is better to borrow safely rather than risk falling into the fast credit or living with guilt if you borrow money from relatives and friends for unforeseen reasons. you can’t return it on time.

To borrow safely means to use one of the financial instruments offered by the bank – consumer credit or credit card. And it is safer, perhaps, because the bank is carefully assessing your creditworthiness before granting this loan because perhaps the best solution now is to tighten your belt a bit rather than find yourself in an even bigger financial hole after a month or two when the loan is due.

What to choose – credit card or consumer credit?

What to choose - credit card or consumer credit?

Before choosing a credit card or consumer credit, it is important to understand the purpose and amount of credit required. A needs calculator can be used to do this. The short answer would be that for one-time spending, consumer credit is more appropriate, but if you need the money at a glance and on a regular basis, or as security, for example on a trip, a credit card will be more beneficial.

What else to know about consumer credit?

  • Getting a consumer credit is quick and easy – when you complete an application in a mobile app, the application is evaluated within 20 minutes and credited to your account within minutes of signing the contract (also remotely via online banking or mobile app while still in the store).
  • For consumer credit, higher limits are available than for credit cards, for example, the amount offered by Good Credit ranges from USD 500 to USD 12,000.
  • The amount of credit available depends on the borrower’s monthly income, credit obligations, and credit history.
  • Apply for and apply for a consumer credit faster with Good Credit’s mobile app, as you will only receive a 20-minute response on your borrowing options.

What Do You need to Know About Credit Cards?

What You Need to Know About Credit Cards?

  • Once the contract is signed, the funds are available for credit card payments, but if needed, they can be remitted and paid directly from the credit card account immediately after the contract has been signed, even before receiving a plastic credit card.
  • You can also deposit and use your own funds in your credit card account, which can be beneficial for insuring your purchases.
  • Borrowing interest is calculated only on the limit used. Credit card purchases have a non-interest period of up to 50 days depending on the type of card. The fixed payment card, in its turn, offers to repay the spent limit gradually – with fixed monthly payments.
  • Choosing a credit card within the range of 300 to three salaries, the application is evaluated within one to two business days.
  • There are different types of credit cards available – Fixed Credit Card, Good Credit Credit Card, Gold Credit Card and Platinum Credit Card.

It is advisable to choose a credit card with a fixed payment

It is advisable to choose a credit card with a fixed payment

If it is more convenient for you to pay gradually for your purchases the monthly fee of the card is 0 USD, and if necessary, the refund can be used in the future. Purchases are insured.

The Good Credit credit card is great for everyday use – interest-free periods and discounts allow you to save, but purchase insurance will cover you in unforeseen situations. The amount used can be repaid at will, until the date you have chosen, only the interest is due.

A gold credit card is great for traveling. It provides more than just extra funds – this credit card includes family travel insurance, purchase damage and theft insurance, and special discount offers.

The Platinum credit card is an exclusive international payment card that will serve as a guarantee of security when traveling and will come in handy every day. This credit card includes travel insurance, Priority Pass card, purchase insurance, up to 50 days interest-free, as well as benefits of VISA Premium card users.

Block a loan: can you? – Loans

First of all we must distinguish what is meant by blocking, whether to suspend it or not to pay for it.

The new legislation on consumer credit provides for the possibility of withdrawal from a loan with simplified procedure.

Mortgage loan

Mortgage loan

For those who buy goods, it is possible to proceed within  fourteen days to the withdrawal of the contract (and therefore of the relative payment of the good itself) without having to necessarily give any explanation. So even if a product is whole, and, for example, an unexpected expense prevents you meet the payment, if you have proceeded to the purchase within 14 days, you can lock the rate and return the product. At the same time both the purchase and the related financing will be canceled from all validity.

Beyond the single purchases, then, one of the problems that most afflict the Italians after the arrival of the economic crisis since 2007 is the payment of the mortgage. In these cases, even if the installments turn out to be too high, we will see them go ahead despite the reduction in purchasing power, income reduction or job loss.

Especially in the latter case, how is it possible to find a solution?

Especially in the latter case, how is it possible to find a solution?

The harshness of the crisis is not allowed to leave unresolved this response, so a blocking solution – albeit temporary – of the loan was jointly planned by an agreement between the Ministry and the Italian Banking Association. In particular, from this agreement it was decided the possibility for families in difficulty to be able to suspend the payment of the loan up to twelve months. This measure can be adopted by those who have seen a suspension of their work or the loss of their most important job. In this way, you can include not only the actual employees, but also the many people who work with a coordinated and continuous collaboration contract (the famous project contract), and may be required for all cases of mortgage private mortgage.

For those workers ended up in layoffs extraordinary type or an exception because of closure or restructuring of companies, banks must engage if requested it to provide customers in need of anticipated layoffs shares.

However, some other conditions are also required that must be met in order to be able to access the suspension of the loan, namely:

  • Mortgage in amortization phase; 
  • Passed a period of 2 years (24 months) of regular depreciation;
  • Maximum three unpaid overdue installments.

The Save Italy decree also provided for the possibility of suspension for 18 months in the case of a first home, if the following conditions are met:

  • First home loan;
  • In depreciation for at least 12 months and for amounts less than 250 thousand USD;
  • ISEE index of the family less than 30000 USD;
  • Property not of luxury, therefore falling within the cadastral areas of type A / 1, A / 8 i A / 9.

This measure is recognizable for a maximum of two times and concerns families that are unable to meet the loan for well-defined reasons such as:

  • Loss of permanent employment or contract termination para-subordinate with no new job three months away;
  • Sudden condition of non self-sufficiency of a family member who brings at least 30% of the total income;
  • Payment of documented medical expenses not less than 5000 USD;
  • Extraordinary maintenance costs or functional readjustment of the building for work that cannot be postponed.
  • 25% increase in the loan repayable rate (if semi-annual) or 20% (if monthly or quarterly).

The request for suspension must be made through the bank with which the loan was agreed.

However, when the loan is resumed, the bank indicates the costs incurred for the suspension requesting repayment, to be paid within 15 days.

Liquid money on loan immediately | Instant private loan


Why do people require loans? The reasons can be multiple: to make an investment to exploit the leverage effect, to buy a house, a car and so on. However, there are people who require a loan because they have to satisfy the most essential needs such as putting a meal under their teeth or paying their bills.

What do these people have in common? They have one thing in common: the wall of society.

What does this mean?

What does this mean?

Before issuing a loan, all credit institutions raise a real wall which is represented by numerous requests, such as: guarantees, Crif, whether or not they have been reported in the past and so on.

If you do not have a permanent contract or are a freelancer and you do not have property to give as a guarantee, you will never be able to apply for a loan. You will always have to ask someone for help. This mechanism in which you try to request a bank loan at the bank takes away a lot of time and the deadlines are approaching. You are getting more and more difficult and life becomes harder but above all stressful, what to do? Where to find a solution? Exists?

Loan changed without guarantees

Loan changed without guarantees

The solution to these problems exists, I tell you with certainty because I created it myself. I offer you a loan with no money back guarantee, you will then receive cash from a private person on a liquidity day. You will not have to show any guarantee and you will get them immediately, so you don’t have to ask anyone for help. Change means that it is based on the bill system, that is, every month you will have to pay me one to give me back the money lent back, as the banks do.

As for the interest rate we will discuss it together before the loan is granted, so I can also meet your problems. The last thing I want is to make a deal that can put you in trouble. I just want you to be happy with this loan.

For me the timing is very important for this reason I want to provide the loan to you in a few hours at most and throughout Italy!

So for all those who require loans between urgent private individuals without guarantees, this is the solution, if you are among them don’t waste time. I assure you that on the web you will never find anyone who will make you a better proposal, if it exists it is a scam.

Funding for Cultural Associations – Financing



Special forms of financing are dedicated to cultural associations and non- profit organizations. Before examining, in detail, the form of these economic contributions and the methods of access, we define what is meant by ” association” . It is a society made up of at least two people who wish to achieve a common purpose through specific agreements.
In particular, cultural associations achieve cultural aims, are non-profit-making and tend to be self-financing by drawing on funds accumulated by the members. The self-sustenance of these associations, however, does not exclude that they can access public funds dedicated to them.

There are various public institutions that can support – through the provision of dedicated funds – the cultural activity pursued by these associations. At national level, the Ministries provide grants while at the international level are the World Bank, the UN and the European Union which can allocate their funds to finance cultural associations.

Funding cultural associations

Funding cultural associations

These associations have a single main purpose: to spread the culture and the values ​​connected to it in the territory. They can take both a public and a private form. The legally recognized associations and, therefore, considered worthy of protection by the Law, are those regulated by public deed drawn up in the presence of a notary. For these associations, the forms of financing can only be public. These are the Regions, Municipalities and Provinces that provide these contributions to incentivize and subsidize the implementation of specific cultural projects. In the international arena, however, the European Union, the UN and the World Bank are providing these funds. In these cases it is essential that the associations have a solid and proven experience in the field of both national and international institutional relations. This is because the purpose that the cultural association is called upon to achieve must be wide-ranging: it must involve a very vast community.

In addition to the funding provided by Public Institutions , cultural associations can enjoy and take advantage of other forms of contributions. An important form of economic contribution can be given to those associations that carry out cinematographic activities.

Financing and facilities for the film industry

Financing and facilities for the film industry

Very interesting tax breaks are granted to those associations (including private ones) that intend to invest in the world of cinema. We are talking about forms of de- taxation of profits and the possibility of accessing tax credits. Periodically, in fact, there are numerous notices published by the Municipalities, Provinces, Regions or from international institutions with which they are allocated grant funding to support the film industry.

Funding for non-profit organizations

Funding for non-profit organizations

The non-profit organization are non-profit organizations with social utility. It is precisely by virtue of the noble aims pursued by the non-profit organizations that the Public Institutions periodically provide loans dedicated to them. In particular, a non- profit organization pursues at least one of the following purposes:

  • social and social health assistance;
  • charity;
  • health care;
  • instruction;
  • training;
  • promotion and enhancement of cultural heritage;
  • promotion of culture and art;
  • protection and enhancement of the environment;
  • protection of civil rights;
  • scientific research of social interest;

In particular, the loans granted in favor of non-profit organization can be used to purchase goods necessary to carry out charitable activities (eg the purchase of ambulances). Furthermore, the contributions received can also be used as a donation to health facilities.
The loans granted to the non- profit organizations, however, cannot cover the entire amount of expenses to be incurred. Another limitation is the fact that the associations, after receiving funding, are only allowed to use the purchased goods for at least three years, can not sell it to third parties and will use it solely to achieve social goals.
The asset purchased through the loan can be transferred, before the three years, to some voluntary organizations.

To obtain funding, non- profit organizations must submit a specific application to the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies.

What is zero-interest financing – Loans


With the arrival of the economic crisis in 2008, commercial promotions have increasingly made use of the term “interest-free financing “. Just look at many car advertisements, or consumer goods like washing machines and refrigerators. This type of financing was designed precisely to entice consumers to purchase despite the difficult time. The term “zero interest” is attractive, but before proceeding with any purchase it is good to know what is meant by interest-free financing and what tricks can be hidden behind this word, to avoid bad surprises.

“Loan at zero rate” means that the loan holder receives a certain sum from the lender that presents a zero annual rate (TAN), so the loan must be repaid without interest.
For example, if you buy a car for 12,000 USD in 4 years at zero interest, taking advantage of this factor we could pay 48 monthly installments at 250 USD a month (250 × 48 = 12000), for a total sum identical to the financing itself.

Loans zero interest

Loans zero interest

This, in an ideal world where everything proceeds as the financing contractor would expect. But where can the trick be? It is very simple: in addition to the TAN, there is also the APR ( Effective Global Annual Rate), which indicates the real cost of the loan and which is not necessarily also equal to zero in loans indicated as “zero interest”! The APR is made up of additional costs related to the loan, although not indicative of interest, but it is in any case additional accessory costs such as those that may involve payment of installments, mandatory insurance, start-up costs, which can be burdened directly on those who buy the good, in whole or in part.

Therefore, if the interests are actually zero, it is not certain that there are no additional costs indicated by the APR, since they are incidental and non-interest-related. Preliminary investigation fees can even reach 5% of the cost of the good on sale!

Another “trick” used by sellers is to include in the sale price the costs required by the financial companies to obtain loans at rate 0 (those that make up the APR, so to speak), thus recovering them from the pockets of unsuspecting customers.

Obtain loans at rate zero

Obtain loans at rate zero

So, before proceeding with a zero-interest purchase, always check not only the TAG, but also the APR index which will tell you if there are additional costs or if the retailer is offering to pay these additional costs as well. If, on the other hand, these costs have been included in the sale price, you will notice this by doing some research by checking the prices offered by multiple retailers. In the event of an “inflated” price, the retailer will most likely have included the APR costs in the final sale price.

Approaching with due suspicion to these “spectacular promotions” is appropriate , because we almost never have to deal with “zero interest” in the pure state, that is, in which the selling company also bears the accessory costs of the loan. The loan always involves costs, which sellers often do not want to support making them pay their customers in a way that is not always transparent.

Loan from a private person immediately: don’t waste time | Instant private loan

Immediate private loan 

Immediate private loan 

If you are looking for an immediate private loan you have no time to lose, if the banks have turned their backs on you and you don’t want to turn to loan sharks, I can help you.

You need money immediately because you have to pay the fee for your children’s university, you have to pay the bills, the car tax and the rent of your apartment. Now the holiday period is also approaching and therefore this means further expenses, but unfortunately you do not have enough money to be able to afford all this. You are in a difficult situation where you just want someone to reach out to help you, to give you a hand, through a loan. You cannot ask for this money from friends or relatives because you are ashamed of it, the banks do not intend to pay them because you do not have a house of your own and you do not have a fixed salary and you are afraid to go to a moneylender because it offers you very high interests. You have to find a solution to all this.

That solution you are looking for is me, that hand extended to yours to help you is mine. If you are looking for a loan from an immediate private you are in the right place, I will pay you or I will provide you with the liquidity you need. If he asks you why I am so certain that I will make the loan to you, I can understand you, the company behaves in a completely opposite way.

Everyone can receive the loan

Everyone can receive the loan

Yes, I thought I would do something like this, I will give the loan to anyone who needs it, I don’t want any guarantee. You won’t have to give me any personal information, so I don’t want to see your CRIF or any other document. I can help you even if you have searched on the web for “loans between private individuals reported “, because I do not care if you have had problems in the past: if you are considered a bad debtor or have been reported, I want to help you.

The loan I offer you is repurchased and I pay it all over Italy immediately or in a few hours at the most, no loss of time, at most the next day you will have your money. I do not require any upfront fees. The interest rate we decide together because I am not a loan shark, I am a serious private individual.

When and how to cancel a loan – the Loans

The request for funding often takes place  and gladly for particular credit operations, such as the purchase of cars or furniture and usually the sellers themselves provide information in this regard. However, this is not a transaction that remains between buyer and seller, but a third party comes into play: the finance company. The buyer obtains the availability of the asset and pays a small part of what was agreed upon, the other party is anticipated by the financial company which will then request a repayment in installments with interest. Therefore, the purchased good is available immediately and is paid for gradually thanks to the intervention of these specialized companies.

When is it possible to request the cancellation of a loan and how to obtain it?

When is it possible to request the cancellation of a loan and how to obtain it?

A necessity that can sometimes be indispensable is to cancel a loan. An important operation all the more so if the right causes exist to implement it. 

There may be a case in which you are in the presence of a scam and the seller, for example, does not deliver the goods or even worse closes the cabin and shacks and disappears. In these particular cases, is the buyer obliged to pay the various loan installments or can he request the cancellation and repayment of the installments already paid?

The consumer code in Italy (Legislative Decree 206/2005) tells us that it is possible to do it only if there is an exclusivity between financial and seller, which is quite rare. Yet there is an important precedent of jurisprudence pronounced by the Court of Justice that has focused in the European directive 87/102 the need to protect all those who purchase through forms of consumer finance, as the weakest part in the three figures “buyer-seller -finanziaria “. The Court therefore established that if the asset is not delivered, the consumer has the right to interrupt the financing and request the repayment of the amount paid to the financial institution, regardless of the existence of an exclusive relationship between seller and financial, since, although being two separate contracts, they refer to a single transaction and the loan no longer has any reason to exist in the event of non-delivery.

Financial company

Financial company

It is good to do some operations before proceeding,  eventually, to a real legal action against the financial company. First of all, the seller must be sent a letter of formal notice to comply with which he requests delivery of the contract within a reasonable time (usually fifteen days). Later, if the seller does not proceed, another letter of “default on the debtor” is sent. The letters must be completed with the assistance of a lawyer and sent both to the seller and, for information, to the finance company.

After sending the letters, and therefore also informing the financial institution of the situation, it is possible to try to reach an agreement with the latter for a suspension of the installments pending the fulfillment of the seller, or, if he did not want to, by sending a letter for termination of the contract due to supplier default.

If the financial company will respond negatively to all requests, then it will be advisable to take legal action against it requesting the cancellation of the loan and the return of the amount paid up to that time. In all phases, it is essential to be assisted by a lawyer.

Loans between serious Italians during the day | Instant private loan

Money right away

Money right away

If you have thought at least once during this period: “I need money right away: I would like to know how to do it”, this is the right article for you. I advise you to read it carefully because I am proposing something unique that you will never read anywhere else. I imagine that in this period you need money and the reasons may be different, I understand, but I don’t want to know your motivations. I don’t care what situation led you to apply for a loan. The only thing that interests me is to solve your problem now, not tomorrow or in a few hours but right now.

I offer a loan from usurer in an hour without a paycheck, but unlike any moneylender, I offer you something better. The interest rate we will decide together, assured you that it will not be as high as that of a usurer because I want you to be satisfied and above all able to repay me the money lent.

As you have read, I do not care to know your paycheck nor have your guarantees. I am not a bank, if you had to give guarantees you would go to the bank, certainly not to a private individual. That’s why I strongly believe that I can really help you.

How to get the loan: here’s how

How to get the loan: here

First of all I introduce myself, I am a serious Italian private person who lends money without advance payment, sorry if I didn’t show up before but for me the solutions are important.

So to get the loan you won’t have to give me any guarantee and you won’t have to pay any fees. I am a serious Italian private, I want to help people unlike all the scammers who hide in the web.

I therefore offer a service with which it is possible to obtain loans between private individuals on the same day, this means that after your request I will proceed immediately, at the latest after a few hours to pay you the loan requested.

The loan is repaid, so you will not have to return all the money lent to you with interest in a single tranche, but you can do it month by month. So I offer you the possibility to defer payments. I can also give you cash in a short time, you just have to tell me where to take it and I’ll do it in a few hours, all over Italy. This is the maximum I can offer you, I assure you that you will never find anything better on the web or in the physical world.

Get a loan without collateral | Instant private loan

You’re a guy who wants a loan to make an investment: you want to buy your first car, you want to buy your first home. They have recently hired you to work and you don’t have any property to give as a guarantee, you don’t want to ask your parents for help because you don’t think it’s the case but you don’t know how to get a loan.

Loan for investment

Loan for investment

The banks in fact will never pay a loan to a person who has just worked, and has no property to give as a guarantee, why? Because it is the banking system that, after the 2007 crisis, has included increasingly stringent parameters and it is increasingly becoming a company to obtain financing.

The problem occurs when the banks request the CRIF. The CRIF is nothing but a set of documents that show your financial situation. Once they analyze these documents if your situation is like the one shown above they will not give you the loan.

How to do it then? No banking institution will request the CRIF or any guarantees. Here, at this moment, loans between private individuals are taking place. Loans between private individuals are types of loans between two parties (which are neither banks nor various intermediaries). I offer a loan just to meet all the kids like you who are in this stalemate. I have been offering private loans for several years now, and I can say that the conditions I propose are very advantageous for you.

Type of loan

Type of loan

Mine is a loan between private individuals without CRIF, so this means that we have already overcome the question of all the documentation showing your financial situation. I don’t care about your properties, simply because I don’t want any warranty, I don’t ask for any.

I therefore offer private loans without any guarantee and advance spending. I don’t even want to know if you’ve had any problems in the past or if you’ve been reported. For the interest rate to be applied you will of course know it in advance, to make the agreement clear, simply because we will decide together.

The loan is repaid, so you can repay me month by month. I supply it all over Italy in no time, I mean a few hours.

If you want to have your car, you want to invest in a house or something else, you have found the right person for you. You need to live your life to the fullest and you cannot let yourself be limited by the rules imposed by society.