10 best tax software for 2021 | Personal finance



FreeTaxUSA is an online-only tax service ideal for tax filers looking for a good deal. Whether your tax situation is simple, basic or advanced, you can file your federal income tax return for free. State returns are a flat rate of $ 14.99, regardless of the complexity of your return.

FreeTaxUSA offers easy previous year imports from TurboTax, H&R Block, and TaxAct. However, there is no document import function, which means that you will have to manually enter some of your tax information.

The tax software vendor also says it’s helping the military get the biggest refund available by supporting tax breaks such as combat pay exclusion, moving expense deduction, uniform deduction, deduction. for Reservist travel, job search fees, EITC for tax-free combat pay and more.

The downside, however, is that if you need further assistance you’ll need to log into your account and use the Quick Responses message center. According to FreeTaxUSA, email responses from customer support typically take about half an hour.

Why we chose FreeTaxUSA:

FreeTaxUSA offers free deposit for people in all tax situations such as joint filing, home ownership, dependents, itemized deductions, self-employed, investments, rental property, retirement, and distributions of tuition programs. If you’re comfortable completing your tax return on your own with little to no help, FreeTaxUSA does the trick. Once you have filed your return, it will automatically be kept in PDF format for a period of up to seven years.



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