2.1 million annual tax credit packs to be issued


Around 2.1 million tax credits customers will start receiving their annual renewal packs this week from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

The packs will be sent between April 25 and May 27, and customers have until July 31 to check that their details are correct and up to date HMRC if there has been a change in their situation.

Tax credits help working families with targeted financial support, so it’s important people don’t miss out on the money they’re entitled to.

There are 2 types of renewal packs:

  • if there is a red line on the front page and says “respond now”, clients will need to confirm their status to renew their tax credits
  • if there is a black line on the first page and says “verify now”, customers will need to verify that their details are correct. If correct, customers don’t have to do anything and their tax credits will be automatically renewed.

Approximately 630,000 customers will need to confirm their status to renew their tax credits for the 2022 to 2023 tax year.

Renewing online is quick and easy. Customers can log into GOV.UK to check the progress of their renewal, be reassured that it is being processed and know when they will receive a response from HMRC. Customers who choose to use the HMRC the application on their smartphone can:

  • renew your tax credits
  • update changes to their claim
  • check their tax credit payment schedule
  • find out how much they earned for the year

HMRC released a video to explain how tax credit customers can use the HMRC app to view, manage and update their details.

How to use the HMRC app to manage my tax credits?

If there is a change in a client’s circumstances that could affect their claims for tax credits, they must report the changes to HMRC. Circumstances that may affect tax credit payments include changes to:

  • lifestyles
  • babysitting
  • Business hours
  • income (increase or decrease)

Tax Credits are ending and will be replaced by Universal Credit by the end of 2024. Many customers who switch from Tax Credits to Universal Credit may be better off financially and can use an independent benefit calculator to to verify. If clients choose to apply sooner, it is important to seek independent advice beforehand, as they will not be able to revert to tax credits or any other benefits that Universal Credit replaces.

More information

Learn more about renewing tax credit claims.

Customers can download the HMRC free app from their smartphone app store.

Learn more about universal credit which replaces tax credits.


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