AAA Scholarship Foundation: Georgia K-12 Education Tax Credit Program Expanded to $120 Million


AAA Scholarship Foundation Applauds Georgia General Assembly for Expanding School Choice for Low-Income Students

On behalf of the many families and students it serves, the AAA Scholarship Foundation today extends its sincere thanks to Governor Brian Kemp, Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan, and President David Ralston for yesterday’s passing of HB 517, a project bill that will increase the Georgia K-12 education tax credit program from $100 million to $120 million. The legislation would also make permanent an increase in the soon-to-expire program and expand the types of entities that can contribute to these important scholarships.

HB 517 will enable the AAA Scholarship Foundation to serve more families with basic needs-based scholarships and help these students achieve their educational goals more successfully. “I am deeply grateful for the work Governor Kemp and the Georgia General Assembly have done in continuing to invest in student excellence and providing educational options for families. We are especially grateful for the efforts of Representative John Carson and Senator Chuck Payne who sponsored the bill and helped it receive final passage,” said Kim Dyson, President of the AAA Scholarship Foundation.

“I am very proud of my fellow legislators who have approved an increase to Georgia’s tax credit scholarship program. Under HB 517, more families will be able to choose the school that best meets their child’s needs, Georgian taxpayers will be able to contribute more per family, and the state will benefit from increased transparency, disclosure, and savings. Truly a win for everyone, especially the children of Georgia who need educational opportunities,” said Rep. John Carson, sponsor of the bill.

HB 517 has been transferred to the Office of Governor Brian Kemp and is awaiting signature. For more information about the AAA Scholarship Foundation, please visit

Source: AAA Scholarship Foundation



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