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First of all we must distinguish what is meant by blocking, whether to suspend it or not to pay for it.

The new legislation on consumer credit provides for the possibility of withdrawal from a loan with simplified procedure.

Mortgage loan

Mortgage loan

For those who buy goods, it is possible to proceed within  fourteen days to the withdrawal of the contract (and therefore of the relative payment of the good itself) without having to necessarily give any explanation. So even if a product is whole, and, for example, an unexpected expense prevents you meet the payment, if you have proceeded to the purchase within 14 days, you can lock the rate and return the product. At the same time both the purchase and the related financing will be canceled from all validity.

Beyond the single purchases, then, one of the problems that most afflict the Italians after the arrival of the economic crisis since 2007 is the payment of the mortgage. In these cases, even if the installments turn out to be too high, we will see them go ahead despite the reduction in purchasing power, income reduction or job loss.

Especially in the latter case, how is it possible to find a solution?

Especially in the latter case, how is it possible to find a solution?

The harshness of the crisis is not allowed to leave unresolved this response, so a blocking solution – albeit temporary – of the loan was jointly planned by an agreement between the Ministry and the Italian Banking Association. In particular, from this agreement it was decided the possibility for families in difficulty to be able to suspend the payment of the loan up to twelve months. This measure can be adopted by those who have seen a suspension of their work or the loss of their most important job. In this way, you can include not only the actual employees, but also the many people who work with a coordinated and continuous collaboration contract (the famous project contract), and may be required for all cases of mortgage private mortgage.

For those workers ended up in layoffs extraordinary type or an exception because of closure or restructuring of companies, banks must engage if requested it to provide customers in need of anticipated layoffs shares.

However, some other conditions are also required that must be met in order to be able to access the suspension of the loan, namely:

  • Mortgage in amortization phase; 
  • Passed a period of 2 years (24 months) of regular depreciation;
  • Maximum three unpaid overdue installments.

The Save Italy decree also provided for the possibility of suspension for 18 months in the case of a first home, if the following conditions are met:

  • First home loan;
  • In depreciation for at least 12 months and for amounts less than 250 thousand USD;
  • ISEE index of the family less than 30000 USD;
  • Property not of luxury, therefore falling within the cadastral areas of type A / 1, A / 8 i A / 9.

This measure is recognizable for a maximum of two times and concerns families that are unable to meet the loan for well-defined reasons such as:

  • Loss of permanent employment or contract termination para-subordinate with no new job three months away;
  • Sudden condition of non self-sufficiency of a family member who brings at least 30% of the total income;
  • Payment of documented medical expenses not less than 5000 USD;
  • Extraordinary maintenance costs or functional readjustment of the building for work that cannot be postponed.
  • 25% increase in the loan repayable rate (if semi-annual) or 20% (if monthly or quarterly).

The request for suspension must be made through the bank with which the loan was agreed.

However, when the loan is resumed, the bank indicates the costs incurred for the suspension requesting repayment, to be paid within 15 days.

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