California Republican lawmakers call for immediate gas tax suspension


Saying consumers need immediate relief and because the state of California already has a $65 billion budget surplus, legislative Republicans in Sacramento on Monday demanded an immediate suspension of the state’s gas tax. ‘State.

“Let’s give consumers a break that we can take right now,” said Republican leader MP James Gallagher. The press conference began by demanding a direct vote to immediately eliminate California’s 51.1-cent gas tax, saying it’s a tiny fraction of the $65 billion surplus of the state without stopping the construction and repair of roads.

“It makes it so much harder for hard-working Californians,” said the bill’s sponsor, Assemblyman Kevin Kiley, (R) Sacramento.

“I hope this is something my colleagues across the aisle will take seriously. Californians need you to put partisanship aside,” said Rep. Suzette Valladares, (R) Santa Clarita.

Then, what started with the international crude oil price spike immediately turned partisan. This additional burden, which is borne by Californians alone, is not the result of international political events,” said Assemblyman Kiley. They accuse President Biden and Governor Newsom of bad energy policies and have suggested an alternative. “Start extracting and refining California oil immediately,” said Sen. Brian Jones. (R) San Diego.

But California’s pain at the pump is real; up to more than two dollars a gallon in a month; San Francisco has the highest in America at $5.79, essentially two dollars higher than Tulsa, Oklahoma. Also awful, according to AAA, diesel costs $5.13 a gallon nationwide, up $2.05 from a year ago. California truckers did even worse at $6.29 a gallon, $2.30 more than last year. The average semi only gets 7 miles per gallon.

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Semi-trucks contain between 150 and 300 gallons of diesel. Depending on the size of the tank at national average diesel prices, a full tank now costs between $780 and $1,560, much higher than the $463 and $927 at this time last year.

So a round trip to Chicago, regardless of tank size, would cost the trucker about $3,100 for fuel alone. All of that is added to the price of the goods inside those trailers and you pay for it.

Tom Vacar is a journalist for KTVU. Email Tom at [email protected] or call him at 510-874-0393.


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