Charlottesville Board of Directors Informed Lawmakers of Plan to Raise Sales Tax to Pay for Reconfiguration | Education



But, the city would need permission from the General Assembly, then local voters. This is where Hudson and Deeds come in. Both are expected to support legislation giving the city the power to question voters about increasing the sales tax rate.

The city and the school board have talked about the special sales tax, but Thursday’s meeting was the first in-depth conversation on it. The General Assembly will meet next month.

The special sales tax is the absolute legislative priority for the school division. Other priorities include speeding up the schedule of Child Protective Services background checks, which currently take weeks to come back and delay an employee’s start date, and support for mitigation measures. COVID-19.

“I have no doubts that we will support your request,” Deeds said of the special sales tax, adding that some senators may oppose it in favor of a statewide solution. “… My position is that we cannot wait for a statewide solution. We need to be able to tackle it where we can and when we can. It will give the voters of Charlottesville the opportunity to say that we want to support schools with an extra penny. “

The State Commission on the Construction and Modernization of Schools recommended give all localities the power to impose an additional sales and use tax if it is initiated by a resolution of the local governing body and approved by the voters.



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