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Despite good intentions, Senator Manchin is wrong to propose cuts to the Build Back Better plan as a solution to the national debt. The question he should be asking himself is not how much something costs, but how much value we are getting for our money.

For example, the new child tax credit will increase the annual income of West Virginia’s poorest families by an average of $ 4,000. As a result, children in these families will grow up healthier, do better in school, and earn more as adults. By investing in it now, we are reducing the number of West Virginia living in poverty for decades. It is both morally and financially responsible.

As a pediatrician, I know all too well the effect of poverty on the immediate and long-term health of our children in West Virginia. Let’s help make our children’s futures brighter during this ongoing pandemic and beyond by lifting them out of poverty – a goal all Americans should support.

And while Senator Manchin is still worried about the costs, his smart proposal is to reverse Trump’s tax cuts to make the rich pay for it.

The new child tax credit is an investment in West Virginia. Senator Manchin, please demand that it be made permanent in the Build Back Better plan.

Josephine Reece, MD


Formerly of Mullens



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