Chile elects the millennial who wants to tax the rich as new president


Gabriel Boric, a left-wing millennial who previously led student anti-government protests, won Chile’s presidential election on Sunday and is set to become the country’s youngest leader.

With over 90 percent of the votes counted, Boric had won 56 percent while his opponent, José Antonio Kast, had won 44 percent, according to The Associated Press.

“I am going to be the president of all Chileans,” Boric, 35, said in a brief televised statement, according to the press service.

Boric, who was elected to Congress in 2014, pledged to use his presidency to “bury” the neoliberal economic model and raise taxes for the “super rich” to improve social services, tackle inequality and strengthen environmental protection, the AP reported. .

After the results were announced, Kast, who drew comparisons with former President TrumpDonald Trump Chile elects millennial who wants to tax the rich as new president On the day democracy nearly died, Trump said he would not impose a boycott of the Beijing Olympics MORE and has already defended the military dictatorship of Chile, tweeted a photo of him on the phone with Boric, claiming that he had “congratulated him on his great success”.

“As of today, he is the elected president of Chile and deserves our respect and our constructive collaboration. Chile is always the first,” Kast added.

The outgoing president of the country, Sebastian Pinera, also congratulated Boric by video call, the PA added.

Last month, Kast beat Boric by around two points in the presidential first round election, however, no candidate won an absolute majority of votes, paving the way for this weekend’s second round.


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