Ciattarelli Says New Jersey Must Streamline State Government, Reduce Tax Burden | New Jersey



(The Center Square) – For former Assembly member Jack Ciattarelli, New Jersey’s problems largely come down to streamlining state government and reducing the tax burden on residents.

Ciattarelli, a Republican who unsuccessfully ran for governor four years ago, hopes to overthrow incumbent Gov. Phil Murphy, a Democrat, on November 2. Murphy is seeking to be the first New Jersey Democrat to be re-elected as governor since Brendan Byrne. in 1977.

Among the likely voters, a new Emerson College / PIX 11 survey found Murphy had a six-point lead over Ciattarelli, 50% to 44%. The poll found that independent voters tipped for Ciattarelli, from 56% to 32%.

“My first budget will reflect three of my main goals: # 1, tighten the belt, as evidenced by downsizing, streamlining and modernizing our state government,” Ciattarelli told The Center Square during a large interview. “No. 2, a new school funding formula that provides for a more even and fairer distribution of state aid to schools.

“I will not leave any student or community behind, nor will I affect the quality of education, but the point is that we need a more even and fairer distribution of state aid for schools and in doing so reduce our property taxes, ”Ciattarelli added. “The third thing that will be reflected in my first budget are significant changes to the tax code that make New Jersey a much more attractive and vibrant place to do business so we can create more jobs.”

Ciattarelli suggested integrating the Ministry of Health into the Ministry of Social Services. He also suggested abolishing the Schools Development Authority (SDA) and giving this responsibility to the Ministry of Education.

“I’m not someone who celebrates putting someone out of work, but I think the state government is inflated 5-10%, which is 3,000 to 6,000. workers, ”Ciattarelli said. “The changes I have in mind for our tax code to stimulate investment in New Jersey and grow our economy will create more jobs, absorbing all the jobs we cut in state government.”

Earlier this month, Ciattarelli and Murphy clashed in a heated debate at Rowan University in Glassboro, known for its many hearing interruptions.

The Emerson College / PIX 11 poll found that 49% of them viewed Murphy favorably and 47% viewed him unfavorably; 3% have no opinion and 1% have never heard of him. Conversely, 40% see Ciattarelli favorably, while 40% see him unfavorably; 16% have no opinion and 4% have never heard of him.

“New Jersey is known as the least business friendly state in the country; that has to change, and that will change, under my tenure as governor, ”Ciattarelli said.

“If I accomplish these three goals, New Jersey will be a place where young people can start, the working poor can find the middle class, the middle class can move forward, our seniors can retire and all who want to start a business can start a business and thrive right here in New Jersey, ”Ciattarelli added.



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