De Blasio wants wealth tax to fund “year round” school


Lame mayor Bill de Blasio on Thursday proposed setting up a statewide year-round school – funded by tax hikes on the rich – as he continued to tease a possible gubernatorial candidacy .

While he stopped before announcing a campaign, de Blasio made the announcement of the school year in a video on his campaign website and an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that was not featured. on his calendar at town hall.

Stating that he has a plan to “revolutionize education in New York State,” de Blasio said on MSNBC, “School for our kids all day, all year, all for free. this, that we can provide – in this state – education for children that goes until the end of the afternoon, that lasts all year for children and families who want it, it is free for all. Talking about meeting all the challenges and disparities in our society. It would be a unique approach in the country. “

De Blasio’s announcement – as he once again refused to officially announce his entry into the overcrowded Democratic primary of 2022 – took a page from his 2013 mayoral campaign, when he pledged a preschool universal supported by tax increases for the rich.

Mayor de Blasio, seen here with First Lady Chirlane McCray, said he had a plan to “revolutionize education in New York State”.
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“Tax the rich. Revolutionize public education. Reduce inequalities ”, he tweeted Thursday morning from his personal account. ” Here is my plan to provide FREE universal 3-K and pre-K, after school and summer day programming for all New York City families.

In a three minute video Posted on a campaign site instead of his government YouTube account, the outgoing mayor announced a series of statewide education reforms, including the institution of his pre-K and 3K universal signature across the board. ‘State, extending school days until the end of the afternoon and an option for 12- monthly schooling.

“Every child deserves an education all summer long, if that’s what works for them,” he said in the clip, released Wednesday. “We could lead the nation with an education vision that can move us forward. “

Earlier this month, the mayor formed a nominating committee with the state electoral council.

Bill de Blasio
De Blasio has so far been silent on his candidacy for governor.
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Asked on MSNBC by host Joe Scarborough if he is running for governor, de Blasio danced around the issue, touting his “vision for change” in education policy.

“Well, I’m going to be in the public service no matter what,” he said. “But what I’m talking about now is actually a vision – a vision for change – and I’m going to focus on achieving that goal because what really matters here is how to change the lives of families in this area. state.

“Right now our schools aren’t working for a lot of people and that’s true in New York, it’s true across the country,” de Blasio added. “The school day, the school year, does not correspond to the reality of families, and therefore the middle class people, the working class people, find it difficult to find a way.”

When asked when he would announce the gubernatorial candidacy, the mayor replied, “In the weeks to come, I will certainly have more to say about this.

If he were to launch the statewide bid, de Blasio would face a crowded field that would include Governor Kathy Hochul, Public Counsel Jumaane Williams and State Attorney General Letitia James, who have all already announced their entry into the Democratic primary in June.

The Big Apple spends more than double the national average on its public school students, and the Empire State’s spending per student has surpassed all other 49 in the country and the District of Columbia, according to a recent report.

De Blasio’s successor, elected mayor Eric Adams, has proposed “Expanding Learning Options” for New York City public school students during the summer.

This year, summer programs were offered to all students of the Department of Education.


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