Dean Heller visits Elko, discusses mining tax, education and electoral reform | Local



On the electoral reforms of the legislature

“They watered down voter identification and went down the list. All postal votes, multiple ballots sent to the same address, and so on. So that all has to change. When I’m governor on day one, I do. will require a voter card in this state for all general elections, primary elections and special elections. At a minimum, at a minimum, that’s what we need in this state. Because if we don’t and we don’t have a good election in this state, I can’t govern.If half the state, if half the Democrats in this state think Hillary Clinton won, defeat Trump, and if the half of Republicans believe Trump beat Biden, it’s chaos. And at some point I might not be able to save the country anymore, but I can save Nevada and get a good, honest election. did when I was Secretary of State and I will when I am i governor.

On automatic voter registration by the state

“It’s a mess, and it pushes you towards the independents, and I think the independents are probably right-centered, but they find out in a primary that they can’t participate and they get very frustrated very quickly and it’s too late for them to change. They will eventually change their registration but I’m going to take a look and I don’t like what I see. “

On approval from the Nevada Police Union



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