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DECATUR, GA – DeKalb County Tax Commissioner Irvin J. Johnson announces extended hours at the property tax office located on Memorial Drive in Decatur, Sept. 27-30 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Customers pay their property tax bills at central office location will temporarily use the extension services entrance located at the front of the building until Thursday, September 30.

“Staff at our central office are now temporarily redirecting taxpayer traffic to the front of the building at the entrance to the extension service,” said Tax Commissioner Irvin J. Johnson. “This temporary change will allow taxpayers to enter safely, stay protected from the elements and speed up the payment process. Customers with a disabled parking tag can still check-in at the Northern Avenue property tax entrance. “

Payments can also be made online at, or by drop box, mail or phone (new this year). Tax invoices were sent in mid-August by mail and e-mail to owners who have subscribed to electronic invoicing. City of Atlanta / DeKalb were posted from September 15 and are expected November 15.

What taxpayers need to know before going to the central office to pay their bill:

  • The first installment is due September 30. If you pay the full amount in one installment, it must be paid in full by September 30. The second installment is due on November 15.
  • Remember to bring your tax bill stub and a Georgia ID or Georgia driver’s license.
  • Acceptable payment methods include credit / debit card, check or money order; processing fees apply to payments by credit / debit card.
  • Parking is available near Extension Services across from Memorial Drive. Guests with disabilities can use the property tax entrance on Northern Ave.
  • Safety check, masks and temperature checks are required for service. Please consult theCOVID-19 security requirements before visiting any office.
  • City of Atlanta / DeKalb invoices were mailed September 15 and are due November 15.

To avoid long lines, waiting times and late fees, please consider the following payment methods:

  • In Credit / debit card payments are accepted; processing fees apply. There is no charge for payment by e-Check.
  • Drop box:Convenient drop box available 24 hours a day in all three offices. Payment must be placed in the box before the due date (cash not accepted).
  • New payment by phone:Call 770-336-7500, Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Payment does not apply to overdue payments from the previous year. Credit / debit card payments are accepted; processing fees apply.
  • Mail:Payment by mail must be postmarked by the US Postal Service before the due date to avoid late fees; meter or kiosk postage dates are not accepted.

Tax bills reflect mileage rates set by governing authorities and fair market values ​​determined by the county property appraisal department. Taxpayers should be aware that in any tax year, tax bills may be higher due to an increase in the fair market value of a property, but may be offset by tax savings. (E-Host and exemptions). The deadline for appealing property appraisals was July; the deadline to apply for homestead exemptions was April 1, 2021.

“I want taxpayers to know that my office will do what it can to help them resolve their tax bill issues,” said DeKalb Tax Commissioner Irvin J. Johnson. “I encourage homeowners to take the time to carefully review their tax bill and contact my office regarding basic and special exemption matters or contact the Office of Tax Assessors for questions about the value of their property.

If you have any questions about estimated property values, please call Property appraisal department at 404-371-0841. For any questions regarding the payment of taxes and exemptions, contact the Tax Commission at 404-298-4000 [email protected].

Follow the Tax Commission on Twitter and Facebook at @dekalbtaxga or visit the website for updates.

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