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The Easter holiday is almost upon us, and the lockdown restrictions can make this holiday a little weirder – with ads closed and social distancing still in place. As many Britons prepare for a four-day weekend, some may be wondering what impact the public holiday has on the dates for payment of state benefits.

If the date you usually receive your benefit payments falls on a statutory holiday, your payment will usually be early.

The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) has now announced the date on which benefits will be paid on this Easter holiday.

Easter this year is between Good Friday – Friday April 2 and Easter Monday – Monday April 5.

This means that all payments for benefits made on these dates should be made at the beginning of April.

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Universal Credit payments are paid monthly, usually directly to a bank or mortgage company account in your name.

Payment dates for Universal Credit may vary from case to case, as it depends on when your assessment period ends.

It may also depend on when you receive work payments, if you are receiving work related benefits.

If your payment is due on a public holiday, you will see your Universal Credit payment arrive earlier, Thursday April 1.

Payment dates are also likely to be earlier for any other public holiday in 2021, if your payment date falls on one.

In April, recipients of family allowances will see their payments increase.

Child benefit will be increased from £ 21.05 per week for the first child to £ 21.14 per week.

All subsequent children will then see their parents receive £ 14 per week, an increase of 5p.

Public holidays for 2021

Friday April 2 – Good Friday

Monday April 5 – Easter Monday

Monday May 3 – Public holiday in early May

Monday May 31 – Spring holiday

Monday August 30 – Summer holiday

Monday December 27 – Christmas day (substitute day)

Tuesday December 28 – Boxing Day (replacement day)



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