ED: No tax on education



Students are the ones who will be responsible for achieving our development goals

We applaud the High Court’s decision directing the government to refrain from collecting the 15% income tax it had decided to impose on private universities.

Make no mistake, the government of any country has to make tough decisions all the time, and the government of Bangladesh is no different. Yet taxing educational institutions is simply not the way to go, and this practice would run counter to the progressive mindset that is cultivated in the country.

Private universities are non-profit entities and most importantly, they offer our students a much needed alternative to public universities due to their limited capacity. In this sense, singling out private universities for taxation goes against the very spirit of education.

Moreover, Bangladesh has been rightly criticized for its limited allocation of funds in the education sector, and this is particularly problematic for a country which has incredibly ambitious goals, and which knows that it is its students who will be. responsible for achieving our development goals.

Therefore, rather than supporting private universities, the government seeking to increase its tax revenues from these institutions – which would reduce the overall budget of these universities – does not make logical sense.

Instead, the government should look for ways to support these private universities so that they can become even more stable, not only in terms of the quality of education, but also financially. Private universities will play a pivotal role in the development of Bangladeshi people with the right skills for decades to come and will continue to play a major role in training Bangladesh’s future leaders, those who will elevate Bangladesh to greater heights.



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