Evander Kane’s trustee wants to sue company that arranged his loans – The Athletic


The trustee overseeing Evander Kane’s Chapter 7 bankruptcy wants to sue Sure Sports, which typically arranges and guarantees high-interest loans to athletes. Sure Sports arranged the bulk of the undersea loans to the beleaguered NHL winger.

Based in Hollywood, Florida, Sure Sports has arranged and likely underwritten hundreds of millions of dollars in loans to professional athletes since its inception in 2009. Disputes between Sure Sports and athletes are generally subject to private arbitration in accordance with the terms of the loans. The trial planned by the trustee could trigger transparency in this ultra-private corner of the sports world.

Sure Sports, over 10 months between 2018 and 2019, arranged nearly $14 million in loans to Kane, according to court documents. In early 2021, Kane filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, declaring liabilities of $26.8 million and setting off an ongoing vitriolic lawsuit between creditors and the hockey star who recently signed with the Oilers. ‘Edmonton. Sure Sports filed itself as a creditor, claiming nearly $1.2 million that it alleged Kane owed in costs.

But in a filing on behalf of Kane’s estate, the trustee’s attorney, Gregg Kleiner, wrote not only that he would seek to invalidate his claim, but would block Sure Sports from seeking further payments. the restitution of the sums paid, to claim damages and the lawyers’ fees and legal costs incurred in the public action.


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