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You’re a guy who wants a loan to make an investment: you want to buy your first car, you want to buy your first home. They have recently hired you to work and you don’t have any property to give as a guarantee, you don’t want to ask your parents for help because you don’t think it’s the case but you don’t know how to get a loan.

Loan for investment

Loan for investment

The banks in fact will never pay a loan to a person who has just worked, and has no property to give as a guarantee, why? Because it is the banking system that, after the 2007 crisis, has included increasingly stringent parameters and it is increasingly becoming a company to obtain financing.

The problem occurs when the banks request the CRIF. The CRIF is nothing but a set of documents that show your financial situation. Once they analyze these documents if your situation is like the one shown above they will not give you the loan.

How to do it then? No banking institution will request the CRIF or any guarantees. Here, at this moment, loans between private individuals are taking place. Loans between private individuals are types of loans between two parties (which are neither banks nor various intermediaries). I offer a loan just to meet all the kids like you who are in this stalemate. I have been offering private loans for several years now, and I can say that the conditions I propose are very advantageous for you.

Type of loan

Type of loan

Mine is a loan between private individuals without CRIF, so this means that we have already overcome the question of all the documentation showing your financial situation. I don’t care about your properties, simply because I don’t want any warranty, I don’t ask for any.

I therefore offer private loans without any guarantee and advance spending. I don’t even want to know if you’ve had any problems in the past or if you’ve been reported. For the interest rate to be applied you will of course know it in advance, to make the agreement clear, simply because we will decide together.

The loan is repaid, so you can repay me month by month. I supply it all over Italy in no time, I mean a few hours.

If you want to have your car, you want to invest in a house or something else, you have found the right person for you. You need to live your life to the fullest and you cannot let yourself be limited by the rules imposed by society.

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