GO in the Know: New Social Security Bill, Child Tax Credit Update and Top Financial News for June 17


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Happy Friday, friends. With the official start of summer just days away, take some time to calm down and catch up on today’s top financial stories. Have a good week-end!

The big track: New Social Security bill could give seniors an extra $2,400 a year

Social Security recipients could receive an additional $2,400 a year in benefits if a new bill recently introduced in Congress is approved — something seniors would no doubt appreciate, as soaring inflation reverses their annual increases of the cost of living.

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Business Spotlight: Twitter

Elon Musk held his first meeting with Twitter staff, a virtual meeting via his cellphone. During the session with Twitter’s 8,000 employees, Musk answered questions and covered a wide range of topics, including the possibility of layoffs and Twitter potentially integrating crypto, as well as his thoughts on extraterrestrial life and the freedom of expression.

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Well, that’s interesting: Child tax credit update

In a bid to help American families cope with “extraordinary financial pressure”, a revised proposal to create a sustainable monthly child tax credit has been introduced by Senator Mitt Romney.

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Bonus: should you “buy the dip” during a bear market?

When stock markets enter bearish territory, it’s tempting to jump into the market and pick up stocks at deflated prices, then wait for them to rise again. The strategy, called “buying the dip,” can pay off, provided you pick the right stocks.

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