I’m a tax accountant – 10 MILLION people didn’t get stimulus checks and need to act now


MILLIONS of Americans who are still waiting for Recovery Rebate Credit stimulus checks must act quickly to claim them.

A recent report shows that 10 million people are still waiting for their stimulus checks.


Those who missed their stimulus payment can still get it

The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration produced the report, revealing several factors as to why payments may be delayed.

Most people received their stimulus checks by check or direct deposit, reports the Rogersville Review.

Others received them in the form of debit cards. Many mistook these cards for junk mail and unfortunately threw them away.

TIGTA’s report indicates that manually checking dunning requests and debit card policies delayed payments for many people.

If you missed your payments, you can go to GetYourRefund.org to claim the funds.

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The IRS has not agreed to identify those who have not been paid, which was TIGTA’s recommendation.

However, TIGTA alleges it sent 12 alerts to notify the IRS of its concerns.

In response, the IRS implemented changes to address one of the alerts and said it would work on four others.

The IRS has not agreed to review payments made in error totaling nearly $598 million made to ineligible individuals in May 2021.

It comes as several states have started handing out their own versions of stimulus checks.

New York is offering kindergartens $100 for college through NYC Kids RISE programs.

If parents choose to activate their child’s NYC scholarship account now, they can earn an additional $25 reward.

Maine residents will receive checks for $850 to fight inflation.

To be eligible for checks, residents must be full-time residents of Maine.

Additionally, residents must have filed their 2021 tax returns and earned less than $100,000, if they filed individually, and $200,000, if they filed jointly.

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About 5,000 checks were sent Thursday to residents who are eligible for the extra money.

An estimated 200,000 checks will be sent per week going forward, AP reported.

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