Letter: Schools in Lima do not levy a new tax



As a Lima High School graduate, parent, and now president of the school board, I couldn’t be more proud of the Lima city schools, its staff, students and the entire Spartan family.

This district continues to offer exceptional programs, unique experiences, interventions as needed and a caring staff who go out of their way to reach all students.

This past year and a half has really shown the commitment of the schools in the city of Lima to our students and this community. We have kept our doors open during a global pandemic. We have ensured that every student has access to meals and education, whether they can be physically with us or not. We continue to do everything possible to ensure the safety of students.

As they have done so many times before, the staff came together and did what was best for our children. Now is the time for the community of Lima to do the same. I hope you will join me in voting for the Lima City School Renewal Tax in the ballot on November 2. It is not a new tax.

The combined renewal fee of $ 5.99 million over 5 years for operations and permanent improvements will help our school district keep moving forward. The funds help with supplies, personnel, building operations, building maintenance, technology and buses.

Without the extra money, you can show your commitment to our school district, staff and students.

Vote for the schools in the city of Lima on November 2.

Alicia Anderson,

President of the Lima School Board



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