Loan agency owner cleared of theft charge


The loan agency owner has been released after a parish court presented no evidence against him for the offense of stealing a 2000 Toyota Rav 4 from a customer.

The accused, Robert Nooks, pleaded not guilty to the theft from vehicle charge when he appeared before Senior Parish Judge Lori-Ann Cole-Montague at Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Tuesday .

The allegations are that on October 23, 2021, the plaintiff borrowed $300,000 from the defendant. The 2000 Toyota Rav 4 motor car was used as collateral. It was agreed that she would repay that money with interest by November 23, 2021. The interest was $51,000.

The plaintiff, who did not appear in court, did not make the payment and it was agreed with Nooks that she would pay three payments of $51,000 over three months, ending in January 2022. The court said was informed that she had made payments but was short each month.

When the money was not paid, Nooks allegedly drove to her house and demanded the vehicle and she complied. The accused already had title to the vehicle when she used it as collateral. He then sold the vehicle for the amount owed.

The woman reported to police and Nooks was charged with stealing the vehicle on January 28, 2022, contrary to Section 5 of the Theft Act.

“Your Honor, in this case, the prosecution offers no evidence against the defendant,” the prosecution said.

“Mr. Nooks, the learned clerk, has presented no evidence against you, sir, you are free to go,” Cole-Montague told him.

“Thank you, Your Honor,” Nooks said.


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