Moss Point town leaders hold rally in support of 2% restaurant tax


BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) – Moss Point leaders held a community rally on Friday in support of a 2% restaurant tax increase to help fund recreational improvements.

The event took place at the Pelican Landing Community Center. Students, teachers and parents came together to support the cause.

Mayor Billy Knight said the tax increase was primarily to improve facilities for children.

“We’re excited about this opportunity because it could be a game-changer if we can get it passed. We just want to let people know; we’re on our way and we’re going to do it. We want everyone to know it’s going to be for the kids. said Knight.

The tax increase will mainly help fund recreational facilities and attract tourists to the river town.

“We’ll start with our ballparks first. We will go to the parks. Our baseball fields, our footballs, we’re going to lay it out. Next is the renovation of our buildings. We have buildings here that have not been maintained for a long time. The third phase will be the construction of a sports complex. We want to have a sports complex,” Knight said.

Student-athlete Caleb Raston says revamping city parks will help keep young people off the streets.

“It will help me, but not only me. The child of youth. I have a feeling it will be great to get kids off the streets. Make sure they can have a place outside the house where they can come and enjoy life. I feel like this will give Moss Point in general a better reputation for their name,” Raston said.

Polls open for Moss Point residents on September 13.

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