“One of the best tax saving deals ever” and 3 more ways to earn tax-free income and a White Christmas in 2021? Why it’s less likely even where it usually snows


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The 2021 Porsche 718 Cayman is fun to drive, at a decent price

With a starting price of $ 59,900, it’s the cheapest new Porsche you can buy. But there is nothing cheap about its performance. Read more

Read the fine print: What consumers need to know about home warranties

While home warranties have their benefits, homeowners should know that they can’t buy complete peace of mind for the price of a contract. Read more

“One of the Best Tax Saving Deals Ever” and 3 More Ways to Earn Tax Free Income

Tax Guy explains how to take advantage of tax-free income opportunities. Read more

Nationwide rideshare and delivery scam has put thousands of unskilled Uber and Lyft drivers on the road with stolen identities

Prosecutors say 2,000 pieces of identification were stolen to create fake driver accounts that were then rented out to people who had failed to pass background checks. Read more

They now make meat flavored whiskey

Tamworth’s Aged Wheat Whiskey is flavored with venison, the same game meat that is sometimes served on a holiday feast. Read more

Student loan repayment break extended until May 1, 2022

After pressure from lawyers and lawmakers, the Biden administration extended the student loan payment hiatus Read more

Cars, Trucks, SUVs, and Minivans: 18 Best Buys of 2021

These vehicles combine affordability, low costs of ownership and operation, reliability and reliability. Read more

Don’t Make This Costly Mistake Just To Save Gas

Don’t spend a dollar to save a dime. Instead of a new car, the key to savings is simple: use a gasoline pricing app, maintain your car, and improve your driving style. Read more

A white Christmas in 2021? Why it’s less likely even where it usually snows

The winter season is not as cold as it was about 50 years ago, especially in the Northeastern United States and for the cities of the Great Lakes. Read more

Moving company accused of shaking dozens of clients who moved during pandemic

Federal prosecutors say 11Even Movers sometimes tripled the price after loading clients’ belongings into trucks, racking up nearly $ 340,000 in inflated fees. Read more


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