Staffing shortages at the IRS could lead to delays this tax season


ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — As if doing your taxes wasn’t frustrating enough, this year the road to filing your return has even more obstacles in its path. One of the most important concerned the staffing of the IRS. With a report showing a 20% drop in the number of employees over the past two years, an IRS official said he was still facing a backlog of 2021 tax returns.

“Yes, there’s no doubt that we have staffing issues,” IRS spokeswoman Alejandra Castro said, “and in fact we’re hiring about 5,000 workers to join the IRS.” Castros has another issue that could slow things down is sending your feedback.

“Now more than ever, we encourage taxpayers to avoid paper filing if they can by all means.” Castro said, “Electronic filing is the fastest. The safest way to get your tax return process in a timely manner For Jackson Hewitt tax preparer Jim Floyd, it’s a busy time of year to help people navigate their tax returns, but he says that There is a very encouraging light at the end of this tunnel.

“If you owe a delinquent student loan, they don’t keep your refund,” Floyd said, “And people thought the advanced child tax credit was going to mean they’d get a lesser refund, but the reality is because the Child Tax Credit is fully refundable. Many of these people are getting much larger refunds than last year. So far, Floyd says he’s seen some that cost between $1,000 and $10,000. more than last year.Experts say the key to getting what you might be owed this year isn’t to file early — it’s to file accurately.


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