Suspension of gas tax hike is ‘glaringly close to election year’ – Chicago Tribune


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All flattery, no reward: The suspension of the gas tax of 2.5 cents is a flagrant complacency for the election year. How stupid does Springfield think we are? By putting $100 worth of gas in my truck, I will save 40 cents. Wow! In a week or two, I’ll have enough money to buy that candy bar I covet!

Blame the parents, not the pandemic: Thanks, Donna Vickroy and JR Willard-Rose, for the column about talking to your kids. As a former substitute teacher, students misbehaved before COVID-19. Can we please stop blaming the pandemic? Parents are buying their kids all new phones, laptops, anything and everything. It’s time for parents to step away from their own phones, televisions, extracurricular activities and spend time with their children. Bad behavior is an attention seeking mechanism.

Memory like an elephant? How ironic that the symbol of the Republican Party is an elephant considering the most popular expression of so many of its members these days is “I don’t remember”.

Buy voices: Jen Psaki said the liberal left will try to introduce a bill to help pay student loans up to $10,000 or more by August 31. Who is going to reimburse me for all the tuition fees I have paid? It’s the same as standing in front of a polling station and handing everyone a $20 bill and saying vote for the Democrats. They use taxpayers’ money to get 20 to 30 year olds to vote for them saying we’ll pay off all your debt.

Scientists, help us: I mean what a great country we live in. We put a man on the moon, satellites in space and we cure diseases. But the one thing no one has invented yet is low-calorie, fat-free pizza or potato chips. I hope food scientists are still trying to find that. My 350 pounds depend on it.

Towards autocracy: So now the Republican Party has voted unanimously to no longer participate in campaign debates. Well, of course not, after Trump made such a fool of himself, had no knowledge, acted like a bully, and performed so badly in the last year of debate that he wouldn’t even do the last debate. So now they’re going to pull everyone out and take a step closer to autocracy. That’s it, the press is the enemy of the state, we don’t debate others who disagree with us, we just follow the dear leader.

Best explanation: There seems to be confusion over how the Chicago White Sox mascot got the name Southpaw. It’s not so much because Southpaw is left-handed, which his story says he is, but because he’s represented the team that’s been located on Chicago’s greater South Side since 1901. Only 10 of 30 parks current major league players look north. home plate at the left field foul post. Since most of the games are played at night, there is no need to line up according to the movement of the summer sun.


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