The average monthly tax income increases by 80% per year


TEHRAN – Head of Iran’s Tax Administration (INTA), Davud Manzour, has said that the government’s average monthly tax revenue has increased by 80 percent in the current Iranian calendar year (started March 21) compared to to the previous year.

According to Manzour, last year, each month about 250 trillion rials (about $864 million) in taxes were collected on average, while the figure reached 450 trillion rials (1.55 billion dollars). dollars) for the current year, the Tasnim news agency reported.

According to the official, INTA has taken serious measures to combat tax evasion, such that the organization has uncovered more than 170 cases in the past year and violators have faced heavy penalties. .

There are many methods of tax avoidance and one of the most common is the creation of shell companies, he explained.

“Unfortunately, there are many problems in the regulations and laws regarding the establishment of businesses and there is no rigor necessary. We also see such cases with regard to business cards and credit cards added the official.

In September, INTA reported that the country’s tax revenue amounted to 1.853 quadrillion rials (about $6.4 billion) in the first five months of the current Iranian calendar year (March 21 to August 22).

As noted, of the figure mentioned, 1.17 quadrillion rials (approximately $4.04 billion) were direct taxes and 670 trillion rials (approximately $2.31 billion) were indirect taxes collected during the five month period.

Iran’s tax revenue reached over 3.54 quadrillion rials (about $12.2 billion) in the previous Iranian calendar year (ending March 20).



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