The tax credit is an investment in children – Mike DeRubis | Letters to the Editor



Even middle-class families feel insecure and live on the brink of poverty. One misstep, illness, or loss of income, and we could be in a world of trouble. For many, this deep sense of economic insecurity manifests itself in anxiety, conflict, abuse and hopelessness.

The expanded child tax credit, paid monthly since June, has been a lifeline for American families. Almost overnight, this policy lifted millions of children out of poverty. Improving the economic security of families has enabled many parents to return to work and better manage their lives.

Investing in families has created a multiplier effect in local communities, and child tax credit payments have had a stabilizing and resilient effect on the economy as a whole. Essentially a basic income for children, the Child Tax Credit empowers and empowers families to chart their own course. Each family’s situation is unique. Direct cash payments work.

With an economy of $ 20 trillion, no child should live in poverty. It is an investment in our children and in our collective future. It should be made permanent so that we can all breathe a little easier.



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