Universities also to blame for GOP’s ‘graduate student tax’



However, the most self-serving reason university administrators continue to charge tuition fees is to use the fact that they forgo paying it for propaganda purposes. To oppose our unionization, the administration here has repeatedly cited this money which we never take as proof of our privileged status, suggesting that our incomes are much higher than they actually are (the exact argument they now want us to dissuade Congress from doing). As Yale Graduate School Dean Lynn Cooley wrote in an op-ed last year oppose our union: “As a scientist, I know facts matter, and here’s one fact readers should know: Students who graduate from doctoral programs at Yale receive full financial aid. This fact surprises many people, so it bears repeating: Yale doctoral students pay no tuition fees. Not paying tuition fees is the industry norm because universities need higher education to function. What we do is valuable and necessary. Still, Cooley continued, “In total, the minimum level of support that Yale provides to a single doctoral student for six years in graduate school equates to almost $ 369,000, including stipends, tuition and care. health. But nearly half of that total is the value of the tuition fees that universities like Yale charge themselves (or are reimbursed by taxpayers).



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